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Mayor's Election

Election night for 2018 is at the White Harte Inne on Friday 19th October.

Who will suceeed Evelyn Stenning as Mayor for the next 12 months?

See photos on our Facebook page of the 2017 Mayor's Procession the following afternoon!

See more about the Independent State and the election at CuckfieldState.org/mayors-election

Since the Independent State of Cuckfield was first suggested in 1966 by Peter Bowring there has been no shortage of people within the Parish of Cuckfield willing to run for Mayor. Each year a few people step forward as mayoral candidates to take part in the UK's most corrupt election!! In 2016 the Cuckfield community excelled and an amazing 50 candidates stood for the Independent State's 50th anniversary!

Throughout the year building up to the election candidates collect votes 1 penny a time, you, can vote for as many candidates, as many times as you like, just pay 1 penny each time you vote - simples.

Election night is a relaxed affair on the third Friday in October at one of the village pubs from 8pm to midnight with food and a rising atmosperee of excitement and honest corruption. Votes are posted for counting continuously throughout the evening with up to the minute scores on display. Suspense mounts for the final count as there is a last minute rush before voting closes at 10:55.

Anyone who lives in the Parish of Cuckfield is eligible to be a candidate. You could be our next Mayor. It doesn't matter how much you raise its all good fun whoever gets in.

The current mayor of the Independent State of Cuckfield is Evelyn Stennng

Evelyn Stenning

WHy not join the the race for next year's Mayor yourself! To run contact Jim Ayling at the White Harte on 01444 413454 or see the Independent State website.

We looking forward to seeing the Cuckfield Community once again exercising its right of corruption!!

See more about the Independent State and the election at CuckfieldState.org/mayors-election