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Cuckfield Local

Cuckfield Local logo We are a group of like-hearted volunteers, living in and around Cuckfield, who believe that the lifestyle changes we make at a local level not only make a real difference to our community, but also contribute to positive global change.

We're working together to:

  • Make Cuckfield sustainable
  • Buy local, seasonal produce
  • Make Cuckfield plastic bag free
  • Use local resources
  • Become energy efficient
  • Share skills and equipment
  • Support our local environment

We're achieving these goals by organising:

  • A regular market with local produce
  • A local food directory and list of local producers
  • Bee friends pollinators campaign
  • More allotments
  • An exchange stall to swap excess produce
  • Community fruit trees
  • Swaps of skills and equipment
  • Foraging walks

We get together regularly to discuss these and other potential new projects.
We’re always looking for more people to get involved and volunteer so if you’d
like to know more see our blog at www.cuckfieldlocal.wordpress.com
or if you wish to offer your services, please get in touch via cuckfieldlocal@gmail.com.