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2006 Show Report

Saturday 9 September 2006

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The first Village Show in Cuckfield for approximately 100 years proved to be a huge success last Saturday. Over 130 villagers entered the competition in classes including the longest runner bean (an impressive 53cm!), dahlia blooms, floral art, needlecrafts, art and photography, cookery and junior classes such as a garden on a plate and a picture of outer space. The most popular class was the hotly contested 'Family's Favourite Cake' and the judges were left more than a little full after tasting all sixteen entries! Overall Best in Show was Jim Turnbull who was presented with a silver cup kindly supplied by the hosts of the event Bryan and Sue Mayou.

The day itself was blessed with beautiful weather and almost 1000 visitors came in the afternoon to view the exhibits, enjoy tea and home made cakes and other refreshments whilst being entertained by the Mid Sussex Brass Band. Organised by the Cuckfield Society, the event was such a success that requests for it to be repeated next year are being seriously considered, so watch this space!

And the winners were...

Best in show: Jim Turnbull

Horticultural - Best in Section - Judy Cockburn (3 Dahlia Blooms)

  • 6 Runner Beans: Jim Turnbull
  • Longest runner bean: Jim Turnbull
  • 3 Carrots: Judy Cockburn
  • 6 Cherry Tomatoes: B Rice
  • 6 Tomatoes same variety (non cherry): Jennifer Constable
  • Most unusual selection of tomatoes: Carolyn McIlvride
  • Heaviest marrow: Paul Stoner
  • 3 Corn on cob: Bridget Wallace
  • 3 capsicums: Jennifer Constable
  • 5 onions from either seed or sets, under 250g each: B Rice
  • 5 onions from either seed or sets, over 250g each: Jim Turnbull
  • Posy of mixed herbs judged for variety: Judy Cockburn
  • 2 Lettuces with roots - butterhead, Cos or Crisp: Fred Bayfield
  • Ratatouille selection: Chris Openshaw
  • 4 Courgettes: June Raeburn
  • Unusual vegetables: B Rice
  • Selection of 4 different vegetables of the same colour: B Rice
  • 4 white Potatoes: Jim Turnbull
  • 4 coloured potatoes: Emma Gosling
  • Most amusing vegetable: Harvey Roche Age 3
  • 3 dessert Apples: Louise Ruse
  • 3 cooking Apples: B Rice
  • 3 dessert Pears: Robin Whyte
  • 5 Chrysanthemum blooms: Jim Turnbull
  • 3 Dahlia blooms - Cactus/semi cactus: Judy Cockburn
  • 3 Dahlia blooms - pom pom/ball: Jim Turnbull
  • 3 Dahlia blooms - any other variety: Barbara Hopkinson
  • 1 specimen Rose bloom: Carolyn McIlvride

Floral Art - Best in Section - Margaret Harrison (Table Centrepiece)

  • Miniature floral arrangement: Diane Stenning
  • Ramblers reward: Margaret Harrison
  • Table centrepiece with candle: Margaret Harrison
  • "Clashing colours": June Raeburn
  • My round or yours: Andy Harrison







Food & Drink - Best in Section - Clare Johnson (Family's Favourite Cake)

  • Jam filled Victoria sponge: Alison Sinclair
  • Family's favourite cake: Clare Johnson
  • tea bread: Margaret Harrison
  • 3 Cheese scones: Jennifer Constable
  • 3 Flapjack pieces: Jennifer Constable
  • 3 Shortbread pieces: Jennifer Constable
  • Plate Apple pie: Diane Stenning
  • Savoury quiche: Helen Ellis
  • Fudge: Teresa Done
  • 1 jar Chutney: Jon Goff
  • 1 jar Lemon curd: Katie Stewart
  • 1 jar soft fruit jam: Jennifer Constable
  • 1 jar marmalade June: Raeburn

Crafts - Best in Section - Judy Cockburn (piece of tapestry/needlepoint)

  • Counted cross stitch or embroidery item: Diane Stenning
  • Piece of tapestry/needlepoint: Judy Cockburn
  • Item in wood: Annemarie Brookland
  • Item in any other medium: Gillian Cobb
  • Handmade greeting card: Daphne Stewart

Art & Photography - Best in Section - Amanda Smith (Portrait)

  • Portrait: Amanda Smith
  • Cuckfield scene: Eileen Knight
  • Other landscape: Mr J Walkley
  • Still life: Lin Wood
  • flora & fauna of Great Britain: Kerstin Wells
  • Black & White urban scene: Michael Burnley
  • the weatherman says: Janet Bushby
  • say cheese: Bernadine Burnell
  • Cuckfield: Michael Burnley
  • World of sport: Jose Wright




  • Largest Sunflower head: William Gracie-Langrick Age 3
  • Garden on a plate: Iona Anderson Age 10
  • 3 chocolate cereal cakes: Kate Robinson Age 5
  • 3 Decorated fairy cakes: Iona Anderson Age 10
  • Pizza face: Kieran Mulligan Age 8
  • 1 bottle lemonade: A RiceAge 6
  • A monster made from vegetables: Kate Robinson Age 5
  • Birthday card: Kathryn Gould Age 10
  • My favourite animal: Tom Burnell Age 7
  • Happy holidays: Freddie Wells Age 7
  • Machines: Callum Macintyre Age 9
  • rice collage: William Snashall Age 4
  • a picture of outer space: Harvey Roche Age 3