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What Can YOU Do?

There are a number of actions that we, as Cuckfield residents, can take to ensure the policy makers are well aware of our concerns over the future development of Cuckfield:

The Parish Council is commencing a Neighbourhood Plan and it needs your help.

Ensure that you are aware of the planning processes and policies, and the reasons that MSDC is having such problems. The planning pages in this site aim to assist in this regard by providing a summary of the key issues.

Keep abreast of planning applications coming from MSDC, by signing up to their LDF alert facility, and by reviewing the live issues page on this site. Also, be aware of other groups trying to influence planning in the locality, such as the Penland Farm group along Hanlye Lane.

Sign up to receive updates and alerts from the Cuckfield Society Heritage Committee.

Make as much noise as possible about our concerns, by writing to everyone on the Who's Who list with your concerns.

Review submissions that the Society has made to MSDC and other bodies.