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Walking Race

  • A walking race has been held around the roads of Cuckfield and surrounding areas since the 1920s
  • A number of routes have been used over the years, but today’s route has been established since the 60s, which is around the time that the walking race came under the auspices of the Independent State of Cuckfield
  • Today the race is held each Easter Monday using a route that is approximately 5 miles long, starting from the Recreation Ground, down the High Street, up into Ansty, along Deaks Lane, back to Whitemans Green and down London Road back into the Rec.

  • There is a staggered start for residents of Cuckfield, based on previous completion times, and a cup is awarded to the first lady and first man to finish
  • Over the years other competitions have been introduced, within the same single race, including fastest resident lady, fastest resident man, fastest non-resident lady, fastest non-resident man, fastest veteran, fastest ladies team, fastest men’s team
  • Three of the competitions are named after people who made significant contributions to the history of the walking race, these are: Frank Woods (fastest veteran), Phyl Bowring (fastest resident lady), Jim Swain (fastest resident man). Frank entered the race on numerous occasions and was still taking part in his 70s, Phyl also entered the race many times and continued to take part when in her 70s, while Jim won the fastest resident man competition several times and still holds the record for the fastest ever time

Result from some other years can be found on the Independent State Facebook page



Race Results - Monday 5th April 2010

The Independent state of Cuckfield Annual Walking Race was held on Easter Monday. A near record number of sixty eight walkers set off from the Recreation Ground, in a brisk North East wind, between 10.00 and 10.30. The extended start reflects a handicap system unique to this traditional village event. The race takes about an hour and circumnavigates Cuckfield.

Jeremy Crampton and Tina Blackburn were the first to finish, while Rob Helliwell and Sarah Fry carried off the trophies for the fastest time. Two of Cuckfield's five public houses won the team events. The White Hart and The Wheatsheaf respectively, are now the custodians of the Challenge Cups until Easter 2011.

Many thanks to all those who helped organise or took part and especially the Cricket Club and Wheatsheaf who both entered teams for the first time in a while.

ISOC Walking Race Results Table